Everything You Need to Know about Bike Servicing in Pune

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If you own a motorbike, you should know that it is an investment for the long term. Just like every other machine in the world, when a motorbike starts to age it is unable to perform as well as it did when it was new. This is felt the most in fuel efficiency, whereby you do not get the optimum fuel efficiency that you had been used to all this while. This happens because the parts of the vehicle slow down, and this affects the speed at which it travels. This is especially where you need bike detailing service Pune to ensure that the vehicle stays in good condition for a long. 

Getting The Tyres Inspected Regularly     

This is an essential part of bike detailing in Pune. Two parts of your motorbike endure the highest tear and wear – its tyres and engine. So, when you are getting them serviced, it is of utmost importance that you get the tires checked first. You must examine the air pressure in this case the most thoroughly. Make sure that this air pressure is maintained at the level that the manufacturer has recommended. You will find these details in the guide when buying the bike.

Getting The Engine Oil Checked

When you take your motorbike for bike detailing service Pune ensure that you get the engine oil checked – this is one of the most important factors in this particular regard. The engine oil is responsible for ensuring your motorbike is functioning as smoothly as you would want it to. It is important to ensure that the right levels of engine oil are maintained without fail. You should also check for leakages in these cases. If there are carbon deposits in the oil it will thicken, and this will hamper the engine as well.

Adjusting The Clutch As Necessary

An important part of bike detailing Pune is adjusting the clutch of the vehicle. You need the clutch to change the gears as per your requirement while on the road. This, in turn, helps you decrease or increase the speed at which your motorbike is traveling. You need to adjust the clutch in a way that helps you operate the vehicle with complete freedom. If the clutch is too tight your motorbike would tend to slip, and this might lead it to consume more fuel as well. So, you need to make sure that the clutch is adjusted in the proper place.

The Other Important Factors To Keep In Mind In This Context  

There are some other critical areas you must remember when you take your motorbike for bike detailing Pune and they are inspecting the engine and checking the brakes. Remember that the engine is the heart of your motorbike. If it is not serviced and maintained the right way the bike will not run properly. The brakes of a motorbike are much like its engine and clutch in the sense that they endure substantial wear and tear, and so they deserve proper and regular attention too!


You might still have questions about what will be done as part of your bike detailing service Pune. In that case, you can always use the bike service guide that you are provided with by your dealer upon buying the vehicle. We have mentioned a few suggestions in this regard above but apart from them, such work includes battery maintenance and checking other parts of the motorbike. For example, the fork oil has to be checked after every 12,000 km traveled by the vehicle and sprockets have to be checked at gaps of 4000 km.