Touchless car wash

Touchless Car Wash

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Touchless car washes have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and perceived safety compared to traditional car washes that use brushes or other physical contact. Touchless car washes are generally safe for your car’s paint job. 


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Why Choose Car Story's Touchless car wash?

Paint Protection

Touchless car washes are less likely to cause scratches or swirl marks on a vehicle's paint because they don't use brushes or physical contact.


The process is highly consistent, ensuring that each car receives the same level of cleaning.


Touchless car washes are often open 24/7, providing car owners with flexibility.

The Touchless Car Wash Process


High-Pressure Wash

High-pressure water jets are used to spray the entire vehicle, including the body, windows, and undercarriage. The force of the water is adjusted to remove stubborn dirt and debris effectively.


Spot-Free Rinse

Some touchless car wash systems incorporate a spot-free rinse, which involves using purified or deionized water to prevent water spots and leave the car with a streak-free, glossy finish.



After rinsing, warm air blowers or dryers are used to remove excess water from the vehicle's surface. This step helps prevent water spots and ensures a clean, dry finish.

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