Seat Covers

Seat Covers

Car Detailing and Seat Covers: Elevate Your Comfort

Car seat covers are protective fabric or leather coverings that are placed over the seats of a vehicle to enhance comfort, protect the original upholstery, and add a touch of personal style.


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Why Choose Car Story's Seat Covers?


Car seat covers provide a protective barrier for the original seats, shielding them from everyday wear and tear, spills, stains, dirt, and UV damage. This helps extend the life of the car's interior.


Many seat covers feature additional padding or cushioning, which can enhance the comfort of the seats and provide a more comfortable driving experience.

Style and Personalization

Car seat covers come in a multitude of colors, patterns, and designs, allowing vehicle owners to customize the interior of their cars to suit their personal style or match the car's aesthetic.

The Seat Covers Process


Design and Material Selection

The process begins with selecting the desired design, color, or graphics for the wrap. For custom or printed wraps, the design is often created or chosen at this stage.


Vehicle Preparation

The vehicle is thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, grease, and contaminants. It's essential that the surface is clean to ensure proper adhesion of the vinyl wrap.


Delivery and Maintenance

The wrapped vehicle is handed back to the owner with instructions for care and maintenance.

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