Bike Touchless Wash

Bike Touchless Wash

Bike Wash in Pune: Change Your Bike's Appearance

Touchless bike wash is an advanced cleaning method designed to thoroughly clean motorcycles without the need for physical contact.


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Why Choose Car Story's Bike Touchless wash?

High-Pressure Water

Touchless bike wash typically employs high-pressure water jets that deliver powerful streams of water.

Thorough Cleaning

The high-pressure water is applied to the motorcycle's surface from various angles to ensure comprehensive cleaning.

Drying and Polishing

Many touchless bike wash systems include a drying phase using heated air blowers. These blowers remove excess water and leave the motorcycle's surface dry and polished.

Bike Touchless wash Process



A mild detergent or cleaning solution is applied to the motorcycle's surface, typically using a spray or foam cannon.


High-Pressure Rinse

High-pressure water jets are used to rinse the motorcycle's surface. These jets deliver powerful streams of water, breaking down and removing the loosened dirt and contaminants.


Post-Wash Care

After the touchless wash process is complete, additional care may be taken to apply protective coatings or wax to maintain the bike's appearance and protect its surfaces from future contamination.

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